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The Polson
1611 Riverside Avenue
P O Box 432
Hoquiam, WA 98550

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Store Inventory, Winter 2022


  • Bad Asses and Thieves, by Patricia Scott Martin - $19.95
  • California Bound, by Peter Pike Jr. - $17.00
  • The Red Coast: Radicalism and Anti-Radicalism in Southwest Washington, by Aaron Goings, Brian Barnes, Roger Snider - $24.95
  • The Port of Missing Men: Billy Gohl, Labor, and Brutal Times in the Pacific Northwest, by Aaron Goings - $29.95
  • The River Pioneers: Early Days on Grays Harbor, by Edwin Van Syckle - $22.95
  • Grays Harbor: 1885-1913, by Robert Weinstein – varies $35.00 - $45.00
  • Images of America: Ocean Shores, by Gene Woodwick - $21.99
  • Images of America: Lighthouses and Lifesaving on Washington’s Outer Coast, by William S. Hanable - $21.99
  • Images of America: Logging in Grays Harbor, by Brian Woodwick and Gene Woodwick - $21.99
  • Rayonier, by James Spencer - $42.95
  • Growing Up in Hoquiam, by Janice Warford Fisher - $13.95
  • Aberdeen, published by The Daily World - $9.95
  • Soldiers in the Woods: The U.S. Army’s Spruce Production Division in World War One, by Rod Crossley - $58.95
  • Logging Railroads of the Pacific Northwest, by Gary Durr - $59.95
  • The Seagirls of the Irene, by K.B. Taylor - $12.95
  • Football Revolution: The Rise of the Spread Offense and How It Transformed College Football, by Bart Wright - $19.95
  • Railroad Camp, by Adolf Hungry Wolf - $14.95

-We also carry a wide assortment of used and out-of-print locally relevant books including popular titles such as Edwin Van Syckle’s They Tried to Cut it All and Stuart Holbrook’s Green Commonwealth.

-Surplus school annuals from Hoquiam, Aberdeen and Grays Harbor College are available for $20 each.


  • Labor Wars of the Northwest: The Struggle That Defined the Region - $20.00
  • Grays Harbor Happenings: The Newsreels of C.D. Anderson - $20.00
  • John Tornow: No Justice, No Trial - $15.00


  • 7th Street Theater Notecards - $10.00 (Pack of 7)
  • Hoquiam Library Notecards by Nancy Bowman - $5.00 (Pack of 5)
  • Polson Museum Notecards by Nancy Bowman - $5.00 (Pack of 5)